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ERIC/ACVE Publications - Trends and Issues Alerts

Title Year ED Number
Appreciative Inquiry [PDF Available] 2003 ED473671
Benefits of Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Career Education Models [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Community Asset Mapping [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Effect of Emotions on Learning in Adult, Career, and Career-Technical Education [PDF Available] 2003 ED473767
Informal Adult Learning and the Internet [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
International Models of Career-Technical Education [PDF Available] 2003 ED475097
Learning Careers/Learning Trajectories [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Possible Selves: Envisioning the Future [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Tacit Knowledge [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Accelerated Learning in Adult Education and Training and Development [PDF Available] 2002 ED462551
Career Clusters [PDF Available] 2002 ED469569
E-Learning [PDF Available] 2002 ED469265
Global Mobility of Workers [PDF Available] 2002 ED467899
International Career Development Trends [PDF Available] 2002 ED469568
Metacognitive Skills for Adult Learning [PDF Available] 2002 ED469264
Proprietary, Career, and Charter Schools and CTE [PDF Available] 2002 ED467900
Somatic/Embodied Learning and Adult Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED462550
Virtual Networking for Career Development [PDF Available] 2002 ED467898
Vocational Rehabilitation [PDF Available] 2002 ED462549
Adult Development [PDF Available] 2001 ED449376
Adult Education and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Communities [PDF Available] 2001 ED449375
Adult Education for Native Americans [PDF Available] 2001 ED457351
Ethics: The Role of Adult and Vocational Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED452432
Human Resource Development [PDF Available] 2001 ED452433
Keeping Vocational/Career-Technical Educators Current [PDF Available] 2001 ED449377
Learning Communities/Communities of Practice [PDF Available] 2001 ED452434
Mentoring and Work-Based Learning [PDF Available] 2001 ED456332
Nontraditional Employment and Training [PDF Available] 2001 ED457406
Youth Councils and Career Development [PDF Available] 2001 ED457350
Apprenticeship [PDF Available] 2000 ED448288
Career Certificates: High Quality and Cutting Edge? [PDF Available] 2000 ED440299
Career Development Specialties for the 21st Century [PDF Available] 2000 ED437555
Career Pathways [PDF Available] 2000 ED448289
Incidental Learning [PDF Available] 2000 ED446235
International Perspectives on Adult Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED440297
Multiple Intelligences and Adult Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED446234
Virtual Learning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [PDF Available] 2000 ED437554
Vocational Education Research Trends [PDF Available] 2000 ED440298
The Workforce Investment Act: Some Implications for Adult and Vocational Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED437553
Career Planning on the Internet [PDF Available] 1999 ED426297
Emotional Intelligence: Keeping Your Job [PDF Available] 1999 ED435041
Knowledge Workers [PDF Available] 1999 ED429210
The Mobile Worker in the Flexible Workplace [PDF Available] 1999 ED435042
Multiple Intelligences and Career Development [PDF Available] 1999 ED435040
New Views of Adult Learning [PDF Available] 1999 ED429211
Roles for Adult Educators [PDF Available] 1999 ED435039
Technological Proficiency as a Key to Job Security [PDF Available] 1999 ED429212
Universities of the Third Age: Learning in Retirement [PDF Available] 1999 ED426296
Work Force Education: Beyond Technical Skills [PDF Available] 1999 ED426295
Conflict Management [PDF Available] 1998 ED417291
Diversity Training 1998 ED417292
Extension Today and Tommorrow [PDF Available] 1998 ED425335
Learning Styles and Electronic Information 1998 ED420788
Promoting Intercultural Understanding [PDF Available] 1998 ED424451
Seniors in Cyberspace 1998 ED417293
Spirituality in the Workplace [PDF Available] 1998 ED420789
Teaching Critical Reflection [PDF Available] 1998 ED429177
Volunteer Management 1998 ED414430
The Web: Creating and Changing Jobs 1998 ED417294
Welfare Reform: What's at Stake for Adult and Vocational Education 1998 ED414431
Arts and Humanities in Adult and Continuing Education 1997 ED409442
A New Focus for Allied Health Occupations 1997 ED409443
A New Look at Older Adults 1997 ED409444
Portfolio Assessment: Missing Link in Student Evaluation 1997 ED414447
Postmodernism and Adult Education 1997 ED404549
Skill Standards: Job Analysis Profiles Are Just the Beginning 1997 ED404548
Web-Based Training 1997 ED414446
Will We All Be Portfolio Workers? 1997 ED414448
Distance Education 1996 ED399383
One-Stop Career Centers 1996 ED398439
Role of Mentoring in Career Education 1996 ED399403
Tech Prep 1996 ED394060
Access to Information: To Have and Have Not 1995 ED382821
Race and Gender in Adult Education 1995 ED382823

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