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ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education (ACVE) ARCHIVE

Comprehensive Information Services in Adult and Continuing Education,  Career Education Vocational and Technical Education, Employment and Training

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ACVE Publications

These Clearinghouse publications were intended to meet the information needs of a variety of audiences by selecting, synthesizing, explaining, and reviewing material from the ERIC database and other sources.

ERIC Digests—summarized current information on specific educational topics, based on research findings and critical literature in the field.

Trends and Issues Alerts—provided a brief description of an emerging trend and related issues, with an annotated list of information sources, including organizations and websites.

Myths and Realities—explored myths associated with topics in adult, career, and vocational education by examining commonly held assumptions that are taken for granted but are not accurate.

Practice Application Briefs—developed for classroom teachers and other practitioners, these products provided specific examples derived from research findings that could be applied in practice settings.

Practitioner File (P-File)—designed to assist adult, career, and vocational education practitioners, each edition of this product included some or all of the following: background information, practical application articles, glossaries, and lists of related print and online resources.

ERICFile—an information bulletin published twice each year that contained news of the ERIC system, information about services and products, and an order form for publications.

Major Clearinghouse Publications & Compilations—intended to provide current knowledge on high-priority topics in the Clearinghouse's subject areas, these monographs reviewed, synthesized, and analyzed existing literature sources or summarizedand/or evaluated trends and issues in an area.

Webliographies —web-only publications (with no print equivalent) that served as guides to sources of information on frequently requested topics in adult, career, and career-technical education. They included an overview of the topic and an annotated list of links to web resources.

Older documents have been moved to the Publication Archives.

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