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Comprehensive Information Services in Adult and Continuing Education,  Career Education Vocational and Technical Education, Employment and Training

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ERIC/ACVE Publications - Practice Application Briefs

Title Year ED_Number
Action Learning for Individual and Organizational Development [PDF Available] 1998 ED424450
Adult Civic Education [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Adult Learners in Postsecondary Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED456334
Adult Learning in Cohort Groups [PDF Available] 2002 ED472604
Adult Learning In Groups 1997 ED404569
Adult Students: Recruitment and Retention [PDF Available] 2001 ED457405
Blending Face-to-Face and Distance Learning Methods in Adult and Career-Technical Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED470783
Capstone Experiences in Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED456333
Career Exploration by Adults [PDF Available] 2001 ED450284
Career Portfolios [PDF Available] 2001 ED450283
Connecting CTE to Labor Market Information [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Consumer Education for the Information Age [PDF Available] 1999 ED434213
Contextual Learning in Adult Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED448304
Developing Collaborative Partnerships 1997 ED404570
Entrepreneurship Success Stories: Implications for Teaching and Learning [PDF Available] 1999 ED427258
Group Effectiveness in the Classroom and Workplace [PDF Available] 2001 ED450285
Health and Literacy [PDF Available] 2000 ED438450
High Schools That Work: Best Practices for CTE [PDF Available] 2002 ED463445
Informal Workplace Learning [PDF Available] 2000 ED442993
Journal Writing as an Adult Learning Tool [PDF Available] 2002 ED470782
Learning Disabilities and Career Development [PDF Available] 2002 ED463446
Learning Styles and Vocational Education Practice [PDF Available] 1998 ED422478
Locating Statistics and Resources in Adult, Career, and Career-Technical Education [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Middle School Career Education and Development [PDF Available] 2000 ED442992
New Wine in New Bottles: Transforming Vocational Education into Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED470781
Preparing for Multiple Careers [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
School-to-Work and Elementary Education [PDF Available] 1999 ED434214
Surviving the Career Doldrums [PDF Available] 2000 ED438451
Task Analysis Strategies and Practices 1998 ED404571
The Image of Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2003 ED475110
Training Practices for Small Businesses [PDF Available] 1999 ED434215
Using Adult Learning Principles in Adult Basic and Literacy Education [PDF Available] 1998 ED425336
Using Problem-Solving Approaches in Vocational Education 1998 ED418325
Using Technologies Effectively in Adult and Vocational Education [PDF Available] 1999 ED427257
Using the Internet in Career Education [PDF Available] 1999 ED427256
Vocational Teacher Professional Development [PDF Available] 2000 ED442994
Volunteer Development [PDF Available] 2003 ED475111

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