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ACVE Publications - Myths and Realities

Title Year ED Number
Academic and Vocational Integration [PDF Available] 1998 ED424400
Andragogy Revisited: Theory for the 21st Century ? [PDF Available] 2002 ED468614
Benefits of Vocational Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED441179
Career Development in Generation X 1995 ED388801
Competency-Based Education and Training 1998 ED415430
Corporate/School Partnerships: Learner Centered or Business Centered? [PDF Available] 1999 ED435836
Distance Learning [PDF Available] 1998 ED426213
Diversity Training [PDF Available] 2001 ED454403
Does Adult Educator Professional Development Make a Difference? [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Dropouts and Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED472364
Effects of Globalization on Careers [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Equity in Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED468613
Everyone Goes to College [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
The Future of Career Development 1997 ED417295
Future Work [PDF Available] 2000 ED448292
Generic Skills in Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2002 ED472363
Good Work Ensures Employment Success [PDF Available] 1999 ED435038
Has Nontraditional Training Worked for Women? [PDF Available] 1999 ED435037
How Emancipatory Is Adult Learning? [PDF Available] 1999 ED436663
Information Management 1997 ED417296
Is the GED a Valuable Credential? [PDF Available] 2000 ED448291
Is Vocational Education Working for High-Risk Populations? 1998 ED415431
Job Searching in the 21st Century [PDF Available] 2001 ED454404
The Learning Organization: Theory and Practice [PDF Available] 2000 ED448293
Learning Technologies in Adult Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED459360
Lifelong Learning [PDF Available] 2000 ED441180
New Economy: Real or High-Tech Bubble? [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
The Older Worker [PDF Available] 2001 ED459361
Postmodernism: Yes, No, or Maybe? [PDF Available] 2001 ED454405
Return on Investment in Training [PDF Available] 2001 ED459359
School to Work after the School to Work Opportunities Act [PDF Available] 2002 ED472365
School-to-Work [PDF Available] 1999 ED435835
Self-Directed Learning [PDF Available] 1999 ED435834
Teaching Adults: Is It Different? [PDF Available] 2002 ED468614
Teaching Critical Reflection [PDF Available] 2000 ED445256
Teaching Style vs. Learning Style [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Tech Prep: Is It Working? 1998 ED415432
Whatever Happened to Workplace Literacy? [PDF Available] 2003 N/A

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