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ERIC/ACVE Major Publications

Title Year Full Text
A Decade of Family Literacy: Programs, Outcomes, and the Future 2002 FULL TEXT
Achieving Life Balance: Myths, Realities, and Developmental Perspectives 2001 FULL TEXT
Adult Education for Social Change: From Center Stage to the Wings and Back Again 1996 .
Adult Learning Theory: A Primer 2003 FULL TEXT
Applying Constructivism in Vocational and Career Education 1998 FULL TEXT
Career Development: Issues of Gender, Race, and Class 1997 .
Career Resilience in a Changing Workplace 1996 .
Characteristics of Successful School-to-Work Initiatives: What the Research Says 1997 .
Contextual Teaching and Learning: Preparing Teachers to Enhance Student Success in and Beyond School 1998 .
Creating Inclusive Adult Learning Environments: Insights from Multicultural Education and Feminist Pedagogy 1995 .
Critical Perspectives on Mentoring: Trends and Issues 2002 FULL TEXT
Defining the Future or Reliving the Past? Unions, Employers, and the Challenge of Workplace 2000 FULL TEXT
Designing Vocational and Technical Teacher Education for the 21st Century: Implications from the Reform Literature 1997 .
Distance Education and Web-based Training 1998 FULL TEXT
Equity Issues in Career and Technical Education 2003 FULL TEXT
Evaluating Adult and Continuing Education 1998 FULL TEXT
Experiential Learning: A Theoretical Critique Explored from Five Perspectives 2000 FULL TEXT
A Framework for Defining and Assessing Occupational and Training Standards 2001 FULL TEXT
From Chautauqua to the Virtual University: A Century of Distance Education in the United States 2003 FULL TEXT
From the Learning Organization to Learning Communities toward a Learning Society 2000 FULL TEXT
History and Evolution of Vocational and Career-Technical Education: A Compilation 2003 FULL TEXT
Multiple Literacies: A Compilation for Adult Educators 2003 FULL TEXT
New Directions for High School Career and Technical Education in the 21st Century 2000 FULL TEXT
The New Vocationalism: Deweyan, Marxist, and Freirean Themes 1997 .
Opportunities and Limits: An Update on Adult Literacy Education 2003 FULL TEXT
Promoting Systemic Change in Adult Education 1998 FULL TEXT
Tech Prep Q & A: Information for Program Development 1995 .
Technology, Basic Skills, and Adult Education: Getting Ready and Moving Forward 1998 FULL TEXT
The Future of Work: Some Prospects and Perspectives. A Compilation 2003 FULL TEXT
The Theory and Practice of Transformative Learning: A Critical Review 1998 FULL TEXT
Toward the 21st Century: Retrospect, Prospect for American Vocationalism 1998 FULL TEXT
Using Authentic Assessment in Vocational Education 2000 FULL TEXT
Using Multimedia for Distance Learning in Adult, Career, and Vocational Education 1995 .
Using Skill Standards for Vocational-Technical Education Curriculum Development 2000 FULL TEXT
The Vocational and Language Development of Limited English Proficient Adults 1995 .
Women and Literacy: Guide to the Literature and Issues for Woman-Positive Programs 1996 .

FULL TEXT Indicates Full Text Available Online

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