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ACVE Publications - Digests

Older documents are available through the Digests Archive

Title Year ED Number
Acquiring Self Knowledge for Career Development 1996 ED399414
Adding International Perspectives to Vocational Education 1997 ED407575
Adult Education: Social Change or Status Quo? 1996 ED402472
Adult Learning In and through the Arts [PDF Available] 2002 ED467239
Adult Learning in Non-formal Institutions 1996 ED399412
Adult Literacy Education: Emerging Directions in Program Development 1996 ED402475
Adults with Learning Disabilities 1998 ED414434
African Americans and Self-Help Education: The Missing Link in Adult Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED448290
Alternatives for At-Risk and Out-of-School Youth [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
The Balancing Act of Adult Life [PDF Available] 2001 ED459323
Career Development and Gender, Race, and Class [PDF Available] 1998 ED421641
Career Development for Meaningful Life Work [PDF Available] 2002 ED467240
Career Development of Diverse Populations [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Career Development of Free Agent Workers [PDF Available] 2001 ED452379
Career Development of Older Adults [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Career Development: A Shared Responsibility [PDF Available] 1998 ED423427
Career Mobility: A Choice or Necessity? 1998 ED414436
Career Passports, Portfolios, and Certificates [PDF Available] 2002 ED467241
Career Resilience 1996 ED402474
Change: Connections to Adult Learning and Education [PDF Available] 2000 ED446252
Changing Career Patterns [PDF Available] 2000 ED445235
Considering Culture in the Selection of Teaching Approaches for Adults [PDF Available] 2001 ED459325
Constructivism, Workplace Learning, and Vocational Education 1997 ED407573
Creativity in Adulthood [PDF Available] 1999 ED429186
CTE and Work-Based Learning [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
CTE Student Organizations [PDF Available] 2002 ED467238
Culturally Sensitive Career Assessment: A Quandary [PDF Available] 1999 ED434246
Distance Learning, the Internet, and the World Wide Web 1996 ED395214
Effectiveness of Short-Term Training for Self-Sufficiency [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Employability Skills: An Update [PDF Available] 2000 ED445236
Employment of People with Disabilities [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Family Literacy: Respecting Family Ways [PDF Available] 1998 ED423429
Financial Aid for Lifelong Learning [PDF Available] 2001(Updated 2003) ED452365
Gold Collar Workers [PDF Available] 2002 ED467237
Health Literacy beyond Basic Skills [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Implications of Distance Education for CTE [PDF Available] 2001 ED452368
Intergenerational Learning and Social Capital [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Job Search Methods for the 21st Century [PDF Available] 1999 ED429189
Journal Writing and Adult Learning 1996 ED399413
Leadership Development in Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED452366
Locating Vocational Education Materials [PDF Available] 1999 ED435837
Narrative and Stories in Adult Teaching and Learning [PDF Available] 2002 ED473147
New Directions for Cooperative Education [PDF Available] 1999 ED434245
New Learning Strategies for Generation X 1997 ED411414
New Perspectives on Mentoring 1998 ED418249
One-Stop Career Centers [PDF Available] 1999 ED434244
Parenting and Career Development [PDF Available] 2000 ED440251
Part-Time Work and Other Flexible Options 1998 ED418247
Popular Education: Adult Education for Social Change 1997 ED411415
Poverty, Racism, and Literacy [PDF Available] 2003 ED475392
Preparing Limited English Proficient Persons for the Workplace [PDF Available] 2000 ED440252
Professional Development for Career Educators [PDF Available] 2002 ED472602
Quality Improvement Criteria and Vocational Education 1997 ED407574
Role of CTE in Entrepreneurship [PDF Available] 2003 N/A
Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Career Development [PDF Available] 1999 ED429187
Service Learning: More than Community Service [PDF Available] 1998 ED421640
Sexual Harassment Interventions [PDF Available] 1999 ED429188
Situated Learning in Adult Education 1998 ED418250
Spirituality in Adult and Higher Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED459370
Students with Disabilities in Career and Technical Education [PDF Available] 2001 ED459324
Technological Literacy [PDF Available] 2001 ED459371
Technology and Adult Learning: Current Perspectives [PDF Available] 1998 ED421639
The Impact of Work-Based Learning on Students [PDF Available] 2002 ED472603
The New Meaning of Retirement [PDF Available] 2000 ED440296
Transformative Learning and the Journey of Individuation [PDF Available] 2000 ED448305
Transformative Learning in Adulthood [PDF Available] 1998 ED423426
Trauma and Adult Learning [PDF Available] 2002 ED472601
Vocational Certificates and College Degrees [PDF Available] 1999 ED434248
Vocational Educationís Image for the 21st Century [PDF Available] 1998 ED422495
Vocational Teacher Education Reform 1997 ED407572
Volunteering and Adult Learning [PDF Available] 1998 ED423428
Web-Based Training [PDF Available] 2000 ED445234
Welfare to Work: Considerations for Adult and Vocational Education Programs [PDF Available] 2000 ED434247
What's Happening in School-to-Work Programs? 1998 ED414435
Wired: The Electronic Job Search 1996 ED399411
Women and Minorities in High-Tech Careers [PDF Available] 2001 ED452367
Work Force Education or Literacy Development: Which Road Should Adult Education Take? 1998 ED418248
Work-Based Learning 1997 ED411417
Worker-Centered Learning: Labor's Role [PDF Available] 1999 ED434247
The World Wide Web and Vocational Education 1997 ED411416
Youth in Adult Basic and Literacy Education Programs [PDF Available] 2003 N/A

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