Effective April 2016, CALPRO updated its instructor competencies self-assessment, based on a nationally validated set of Adult Education Teacher Competencies described at http://calpro-

Teachers may log in to a new user interface and rate themselves in up to four different domains, determining areas of greatest relevance to their teaching, priority, and skill level.


The four different domains span 17 competencies and include:

  1. Monitors and manages student learning and performance through data
  2. Plans and delivers high-quality, evidence-based instruction
  3. Effectively communicates to motivate and engage learners
  4. Pursues professionalism and continually builds knowledge and skills
View Results

The new interface enables an instructor to view his/her own results and identify the top five professional development competencies.

Individual Professional Development Plan

For each of these top-ranking competencies, the instructor may view recommendations for research-based professional development resources that form the basis of an annual, individual professional development plan.

Log in to the Assessment

Click Log-In to Self-Assessment to start the assessment and view your results.