Integrated and Contextualized Workforce Skills in the ESL Classroom, Session 1. Transferable Skills for the Workplace

How can you prepare your learners to succeed in the workforce? Find out what employers say are essential skills for today's workforce. This session shows you how to connect transferable skills in the ESL classroom to the workplace.



The goal is to provide background on skills transferable from the ESL classroom to the workplace and to teach students how to articulate those skills. Session 1 emphasizes the need to directly teach transferable skills and the connection between using these skills in the classroom and in the workplace. With an overview and comparison of four frameworks, Session 1 provides participants an opportunity to reflect on the practice and importance of teaching transferable skills in the classroom.


By the end of Session 1, participants will be able to

  • Identify the characteristics of the labor force relevant to ESL/ABE populations;
  • Identify the benefits of integrating workforce skills into ESL classrooms;
  • Define common transferable skills highlighted in the four frameworks;
  • Identify ways to connect transferable skills in the ESL classroom to the workplace; and
  • Demonstrate transferable skills tasks.