Integrated Education and Training (IET), Session 2.

In Integrated Education and Training (IET), Community of Practice members work in agency-based teams of educators and agency administrators through the process of developing plans for implementing one of four instructional models that successfully integrate adult education basic skills instruction (i.e., Adult Basic Education or English has a Second Language) with technical or occupational skills instruction. The four models are: Co-teaching, Alternating Teaching, Vocational ESL/ABE-specific, and Cluster Vocational ESL/ABE. (For more information about the Community of Practice delivery format, please see the Community of Practice Web page.)



The goal of Session 2 is for participants to identify the next steps they will need to take to implement an IET model and create agency action plans.


By the end of Session 2, participants will be able to:

  • Determine which IET model is best suited for his/her program;
  • Identify what next steps need to be taken to begin to implement the model; and
  • Develop his/her own agency’s integrated, comprehensive action plan for implementation.