Success for All Learners through Equity, Session 1


Goal for this Module

The goal of this module is to support adult education staff at every level to achieve personal cultural competence and to create a culturally competent and equitable environment within each adult education agency.

Goal for Session 1

In this session participants will be introduced to some basic concepts related to equity and begin to analyze how equity is achieved in their own programs. They will become familiar with the stages of cultural competence and consider a variety of program policies in light of it. Example lesson activities will also be analyzed.

Objectives for Session 1

By the end of Session 1, participants will be able to

  • Identify implications of equity and inclusion;
  • Define skills and actions of program managers, teachers and staff to ensure equity;
  • Describe the concept of equity in the context of empowering students; and,
  • View policies and procedures through an equity lens.