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Locating Vocational Education Materials

ERIC Digest No. 213

by Judith O. Wagner

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This project has been funded at least in part with Federal funds from the U.S. Department of Education under Contract No. ED-99-CO-0013. The content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Department of Education nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government. ERIC/ACVE publications may be freely reproduced.


Finding curriculum materials, lesson plans, classroom activities, and other instructional materials in vocational education can be complex and time consuming. This Digest updates earlier ones (Wagner 1994, 1996) and includes a variety of sources--commercial, nonprofit, state, and Web based--for instructional materials. In includes information about finding materials in ERIC and through networking and lists some sources for borrowing and buying materials.


The ERIC database is a good source of information about instructional materials. A search will lead you to curricula, project descriptions, lesson plans, classroom activities, task lists, and other resources. The database also includes materials on how to develop curricula. You can search ERIC on the World Wide Web and at most university, state, and resource center libraries. Staff at the ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education (ERIC/ACVE) will conduct a sample search for you. Contact ERIC/ACVE, 1900 Kenny Road, Columbus OH 43210-1090; 800848-4815, ext. 28625; fax: 614/292-1260; e-mail:;

Networking and Listservs

Networking is an excellent way to find information and materials. Talking to colleagues about their successes and failures in finding materials and their most and least favorite resources provides educators with valuable leads. Listservs such as CAREERTECH , maintained by the National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education, are excellent for getting recommendations for materials. Subscribers are very willing to share their expertise and experiences. Other listservs of interest include those for business education , technology education , school-to work , and training and development .

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is another great source of information for vocational/technical educators. Many commercial and nonprofit publishersBsome of which listed hereBhave websites that describe their products. Vocational Education Resources consists of annotated links that will lead you to a wealth of resources.

The following list of agencies that offer materials for loan and/or sale is by no means exhaustive. Rather, it is intended to help educators get started in their search for resources. It includes commercial publishers, curriculum laboratories, curriculum consortia, and state and national resource centers.

Commercial Publishers

American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials
220 Smithonia Rd
Winterville GA 30683
800/228-4689; fax: 706/742-7005
Communication skills, agriscience, construction, electricity, engines, performance-based teacher education, consumer & life science, technology and industrial education. Print, videotapes, CD-ROMs, and multimedia.

American Technical Publishers
1155 W 17th St
Homewood IL 60430-4600
800/323-3471; fax: 708/957-1137
Boilers, building trades, culinary arts, electrical trades, graphics, maintenance, math, metal trades, power/energy, teacher education, Chilton repair manuals. Print, videotape, workbooks, resource guides, CD-ROMs, transparencies.

Educational Activities Inc
PO Box 392
Freeport NY 11520
800/645-3739; fax: 516/623-9282
Math, reading and vocabulary, life skills, Internet training, maps and globes, biology and earth science, health. Computer-based materials, activity cards, CD-ROMs, multimedia, videos.

Customer Service Dept.
PO Box 544
Blacklick OH 43004-0544
800-334-7344 fax: 614-755-5682
Computer education, allied health, criminal justice, trade/technical education, business communication, student success, business, office technology, adult basic education.

Interstate Publishers Inc
PO Box 50
Danville IL 61834
800/843-4774; 217/446-9706
Agriscience, technology education articulated curriculum, florist, aquaculture, turf management, horsemanship, animal science, farm management, soils, farm animals.

The School Co.
Dept W99
PO Box 9117
Jackson WY 83002
800/543-0998; fax: 800/518-2514
Career pathway assessment, tech prep, job search, applied math, successful work habits, entrepreneurship, communication, safety, critical thinking and problem solving. Multimedia, CD-ROM, posters, videos, software

PO Box 2708 Dept F2
Charleston WV 25330
800/487-3392; fax: 800/900-5172
Engines, aerodynamics, aeronautics, food service. Multimedia, CD-ROM.

South-Western Educational Publishing
7625 Empire Dr
Florence KY 41042
800/354-9706; fax: 800/487-8488
Webmaster training, business, career development, computer education, school-to-careers, health, office technology. Software, workbooks, videos, self-study modules.

Curriculum Labs

Curriculum Materials Service (CMS)
1114 Chambers Rd
Columbus OH 43212-1702
614/292-4848; fax: 800/292-4919
All aspects of agricultural education. Software, videos, slides.

Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse
Western Illinois University
46 Horrabin Hall
Macomb IL 61455
800/322-3905; fax: 309/298-2869
Applied technology, agriculture, business, marketing & management, health, family and consumer sciences, tech prep workplace skills & career development, administration & supervision, special needs.

Instructional Materials Laboratory
University of Missouri-Columbia
2316 Industrial Dr
Columbia MO 65202
800/669-2465; fax: 573/882-1992
Academics, agriculture, business education, career guidance and school-to-work, family and consumer sciences, health occupations, industrial education, marketing and cooperative education, special populations, teacher resources, technology. Instructor guides, student workbooks, reference materials, CD-ROMs, videotapes.

Instructional Materials Service
Texas A&M University
Mail Stop 2588
College Station TX 77843-2588
409/845-6601; fax: 409/845-6608
All aspects of agriculture and trade and industrial education.

Vocational Instructional Materials Lab (VIML)
Center on Education and Training for Employment
1900 Kenny Rd
Columbus OH 43210-1090
800/848-4815 ext. 28300
fax: 614/292-1260
Integration, family and consumer science, professional development, career cluster instructional support materials, technical assistance/training. Computer-assisted materials, CD-ROM, multimedia.

Curriculum Consortia

Many consortia produce materials for a single state or group of states. The materials are available for sale to anyone.

Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center (CIMC) Oklahoma Department of Vocational and Technical Education
1500 W Seventh St
Stillwater OK 74074-4364
800/654-4502; fax: 405/743-5154
Workplace skills, agricultural education, business education, career information, school-to-work, technology education, family and consumer sciences, and health occupations. Software, videotapes, teacher and student guides.

Multistate Academic and Vocational Curriculum Consortium 1500 W Seventh Ave
Stillwater OK 74074
Agricultural education, business/marketing, cosmetology, family and consumer science, health occupations, technology education, trade and industrial education, science. CD-ROMs, videotapes, print.

Vocational-Technical Education Consortium of States (V-TECS) 1866 Southern Lane
Decatur GA 30033-4097
800/248-7701 ext. 543
Competency-based outcome standards, curriculum materials, and assessment instruments. Print, software.

Other Curriculum Developers

Agency for Instructional Technology
Box A
Bloomington IN 47402-0120
800/457-4509; 812/339-2203
fax: 812/333-4278;
Math, workplace readiness, communication, technology education, employability skills, school-to-work. Videotapes, videodiscs, software, print.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
1250 N Pitt St
Alexandria VA 22314
800/933-2723; fax: 703/299-8631
Problem-based learning, curriculum integration, performance-based assessment, multiple intelligences, educational management. Print, CD-ROMs, videotapes, audiotapes.

Center on Education and Work
University of Wisconsin
964 Educational Sciences Building
1025 W Johnson St
Madison WI 53701-1796
800/446-0399; fax: 608/262-9197
School-to-work, career education, employability skills, integration. Print, videotapes, CD-ROMs.

PO Box 21206
Waco TX 76702-1206
Applied academics, math, automotive service technology, laser/electro-optics, computer technology certification. Print materials.

State/Regional Resource Centers

Many states have their own vocational/technical resource centers. A complete list of addresses for state departments of education is found at,, or; contact them directly for information about centers in your state.

Center on Education and Training for Employment
1900 Kenny Rd
Columbus OH 43210-1090
800/848-4815 ext. 26991
fax: 614/292-1260;
Houses the Ohio tech prep, sex equity, and work force education libraries. Materials loaned to teachers within Ohio.

CTE Resource Center
2002 Bremo Rd
Richmond VA 23226
804/673-3778; fax: 804/673-3798
Provides a variety of products and services to vocational-technical education programs in Virginia.

Curriculum Materials Library
Mason Library MS 3201
Keene State College
229 Main St
Keene NH 03435-3201
603/358-2750; fax: 603/358-2745
Agriculture, business education, child care occupations; family and consumer sciences, health occupations, marketing and tourism, technology education, trade and industry. Lends materials to New Hampshire educators.

Illinois State Curriculum Center
Workforce Development Resource Center
2450 Foundation Dr., Ste 100
Springfield, IL 62703-5464
Lends task lists, resources on all aspects of vocational/technical/career education to anyone.

Pennsylvania Department of Education
Resource Center
333 Market St, 11th Fl
Harrisburg PA 17126-0333
800/992-2283; TTY: 717/783-8445 fax: 717/783-5420
Provides vocational education and professional development materials to educators in the state.

Western Curriculum Coordination Center
University of Hawaii Manoa
1776 University Ave, UA 2-7
Honolulu HI 96844-0001
A fee-based information service


Oklahoma Trade and Industrial Education
Links to many websites offering resources.

Developing Educational Standards
Provides links to K-12 educational standards and curriculum frameworks.

Vocational Education Resources
Offers links to many vocational education resources.

Workforce Preparation Curriculum Database
Sponsored by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development, this database identifies materials developed by a variety of agencies.


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Wagner, Judith O. Locating Vocational Education Curriculum and Instructional Materials. ERIC Digest No. 169. Columbus: ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education, 1996. (ED 395 215)

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