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updated 04/17/2015

  • Reading Webinars Sponsored by CALPRO electronic Community of Practice
    Come learn practical, research–based instructional strategies for reading that you can apply right away! Join fellow adult educators in two exciting Webinars sponsored by CALPRO's electronic Community of Practice (e-CoP):
    date added 04/17/2015

  • Optimizing ESL Instructional Planning – an Online Course
    CALPRO will offer the four–week online course Optimizing ESL Instructional Planning: Management, Monitoring and Reflection starting on April 20, 2015.
    date added 04/03/2015

  • Register for "Teaching Critical Thinking" Online Workshops
    Join your colleagues to learn how to help your students become better critical thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers. Critical thinking skills are needed across the curriculum and in every subject area. They are survival skills in our complex world and are required for success in employment and further education.
    date added 02/11/2015

  • Instructors Forum Webinar Series
    Adult Education is moving towards increasing rigor in instruction and more focus on college and career preparation, and math instruction is part of this trend. Adult education programs are considering how to address the College and Career Readiness Standards for Math, and the requirements of the GED2014, and in some cases making significant programmatic changes.
    date added 01/22/2015

  • Apply for an Online Course on Integrated Education and Training
    Does it seem as if your agency is flying solo, working on integrating basic skills and technical skills on your own? Want to interact with your fellow educators, share ideas and problem solve? Consider this CALPRO online course.
    date added 01/21/2015

  • Four Online Courses this Spring
    Registration is now open for 4 online courses from CALPRO. These classes are 4 weeks long, and require about 3 hours a week of your time. Enrollment is limited and they fill up fast.
    date added 12/16/2014

  • Integrated and Contextualized Workforce Skills in the Classroom – Webinar Series
    How can you prepare your learners to succeed in the workforce? Find out what employers say are essential skills for today's workforce. This series of online workshops shows you how to connect transferable skills in the classroom to the workplace. The goal is to provide background on skills transferable from the classroom to the workplace and to teach students how to articulate those skills.
    date added 10/08/2014

  • CALPRO is now Accepting Applications for the 2014–15 California Adult Education Leadership Institute!
    The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) in conjunction with the California Department of Education (CDE) is seeking nominations and applications for the 2014-15 California Adult Education Leadership Institute (the Institute).
    date added 9/30/2014