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You will have an opportunity to view your results along with the CALPRO Addendum to the Management Competencies Self-Assessment. The entire survey may take up to 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on how long you reflect on each question; however it can take less time and you have the option to save your work as you go and return to finish it at another time.

Each question relates to one competency. Each competency is further explained by several indicators; viewing these indicators can help you better understand what each competency encompasses. In responding to a question, rate the competency’s relevance to your program and your current ability in the competency. It also asks whether the competency is a goal for you this year or not.

In answering the questions, be honest but kind to yourself. As you fill in the survey, keep your current programs in mind. All professional development is centered around how we, as adult educators, can help our learners best achieve learning gains and improve their outcomes. The survey is intended to help you determine your current skill levels in managing adult education programs.

You will have an opportunity to view your results. For the top three-ranking competencies, you have the option to create your own Professional Development Plan, which provides specific, research-based professional development resources. These resources allow you to develop your skills further over the course of a year with the end-goal of helping students in your programs achieve the greatest learning gains possible.
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