Research-based Adult Reading Instruction, Session One: Alphabetics and Fluency

This workshop is the first of two, 4-hour sessions on the four components of adult reading instruction. Session 1 covers alphabetics and fluency, and session 2 covers vocabulary and comprehension. Research suggests that individual assessment and explicit instruction in these four component areas can improve reading comprehension for adults. Participants explore definitions of alphabetics and fluency, as well as the research basis of each; they also explore and practice instructional and assessment strategies for each component.



The goal of this workshop is to provide assessment and instructional strategies for adult education teachers to help learners improve alphabetics and fluency skills.


By the end of Session 1, participants will be able to:

  1. Define alphabetics and fluency,
  2. Identify strategies and resources for assessing alphabetics and fluency,
  3. Identify strategies and resources for teaching alphabetics and fluency skills,
  4. Plan classroom activities that incorporate alphabetics and fluency skills.